The insurance claim process can be very confusing for most people. Let’s face it, it is not something you are involved in every day. Some people may only claim once in a lifetime.

Claim Advantage understands your insurance company’s methodology when it comes to your claim.

Preparation / Minimise delay

Claims officers will typically ask for all sorts of documents and information to support your claim.


  • The Claim Advantage team know what they want before they even ask it.
  • We can ensure they are provided with all of the information they need as soon as possible.
  • We also know when a request is unreasonable or in some cases irrelevant.
  • Avoid going back and forth for months whilst the Insurer asks for more and more information.
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Refuse the “No”

When a claims officer says no to coverage, we can respond (argue) with authority due to our knowledge and experience.


  • The Claim Advantage team are constantly amazed how often a claims officer can say “No’ despite being incorrect in their interpretation of cover.
  • Most people, with no inside knowledge of insurance, would simply accept the first “No” and give up. Not Claim Advantage.